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According to the twelfth edition of the Deloitte Business Barometer, conducted in October 2013, 63.5% of the most influential businessmen in the country believe that the business climate is positive (of which 57.7% rated it as good and 5.8% as very good, while 34.6% considered it fair). 23.5% of participants of the barometer considered that the economic situation is improving every year. In addition, according to the "Doing Business 2014" report, Colombia ranked 43 out of 189 in relation to facility of doing business, which places Colombia as the third most approachable country in Latin America to do business.

This confidence in the country is confirmed by observing the positive figures experienced in recent years in variables such as Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), mobilizing investment and tourists to Colombia. The flow of FDI in Colombia has registered a significant increase in the last twelve years; in 2014 FDI increased by 63% compared to 2005, and a 7,2% in the previous year.

The countries that most invested in Colombia during 2012 were United States (18%) Panama (13%) Switzerland (12%) England (8%) Spain (6%) Mexico (5%). Oil (29.3%); mining and quarrying (17.4%); manufacturing (15.9%); transport, storage and communications (10.4%) and trade, restaurants and hotels (9.4%) were among the economic sectors with most participation of FDI.
FDI in Colombia (US$ Millions) 2000-2013*
US$ millions
Source: Fundesarrollo
During the period 2007 - 2013 the arrival of foreign tourists to Colombia has increased by 53.26%. In 2013 Colombia recorded a growth in the number of foreigners of 8.2%. Because of this result, the World Tourism Organization in its report Global Barometer of 2013 highlighted
Colombia as one of the countries in South American with the largest growth in foreign tourist arrivals. During the year 2013 the majority of foreign tourists came from the United States (18%), Venezuela (14%), Argentina (7%) and Ecuador (6.6%); overall 67.2% of foreign travelers entering Colombia are from the American continent.
Arrival of foreign tourists to Colombia 2007-2013 (in thousands)
Source: Fundesarrollo
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