Strategic location
Barranquilla has a strategic location in the heart of the Caribbean, with access to a market of more than 1200 million people, thanks to its air and sea ports and Colombia´s international agreements. It is located on the west bank of the Magdalena River, 7.5 km from its mouth at the Caribbean Sea. Its location makes it a major sea and river port, with conditions for multimodal transport due to its more than 10 terminals in the Caribbean Sea and the Magdalena River.
Barranquilla is one of the gateways to Latin America as it is located in the Caribbean just two hours from the United States and one hour from Panama, allowing the country to connect to markets on five continents. It has a multimodal port infrastructure that allows all types of cargo transport due to the more than 25 terminals in the Caribbean Sea and the Magdalena River.
Ranked fourth among major Colombian cities, and first in the Caribbean Region. Barranquilla is home to over two hundred million people whose common feature is the spontaneity and joy of the Caribbean. Its inhabitants are engaged in productive work in four sectors: industry, services, trade and transport. Its economy is diversified, with strengths in the metallurgical, port and logistics, energy and business services clusters, among others.
Barranquilla has an adequate infrastructure of utilities and telecommunications, multiple tariff advantages, modern free zones and efficient industrial parks, thus, it is considered a strategic location for the development of international trade.
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