Tax incentives
The state of Atlántico offers tax incentives for the establishment of new companies in the state and for relocation of existing companies toward the Metropolitan Area. Exemptions are granted up to 10 years in the payment of Industry and Commerce taxes, property taxes and urban delineation.

Access to credits with special interest rates for the industry focusing on innovation, working capital and equipment renovation investments through Bancoldex. Also access to the utilization of benefits of programs such as INNPulsa and the Plan for Boosting Productivity and Employment (Plan de Impulso a la Productividad y Empleo: PIPE).

There is a special tax exemption for industrial machinery imports that are not manufactured in the country.

Multiple industry incentives in the form of exempt income such as:
- Hotel services rendered in new hotels built from 2003 to 2018, for 30 years.
- Investments in late yield crops such as oil palm rubber, cocoa and new forest plantations of timber and sawmills.
- Investment in software development.
- Ecotourism services, for 20 years from 2003.

In Colombia there are now 11 international agreements to avoid double taxation with member countries of the Andean Community of Nations and with Spain, Switzerland, Chile, Canada, Mexico, Portugal, India, and South Korea. Furthermore, other 8 agreements are being negotiated.

In Colombia it is possible to make a deduction of 175% of the value of investment by new companies, when there is investment addressed to the creation of Projects for Innovation and Technological Development, or when are made donations to schools in the same feature.
Generated jobs
Exemption Time
Exemption Modality
New Companies
Between 10 and 40 (permanent)
5 years
100% first 2 years. 75% 3rd year. 50% 4th and 5th year.
Industrial, commercial or service companies.
More than 20 (permanent)
5 years
80% 3rd and 4th years
New Companies
50 (40% of the qualified workforce must reside in Sabanagrande)
5 years
60% 5th and 6th year.
New Industrial, commercial or service companies.
More than 40 (60% residents of Malambo)
10 years
40%: 7th and 8th year.
New Industrial, commercial or service companies.
New 60% of the workers are Galapa Residents and 40% are hired for a period longer than 10 months.
10 years
20%: 9th and 10th last year.
Juan Mina
Relocation or New Industrial or commercial Companies
Doesn't Aply
10 Years
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