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In order to accompany you on your decision to settle in Barranquilla and make your arrival in the region easier, ProBarranquilla provides advice and information about lots, warehouses, offices and other properties that are available for you to set up your business in the city. If you have any of these options available, please click here.

There is a wide offer of offices, shopping centers and more than 500 acres in industrial parks, including three free trade zones with all the necessary technological facilities and excellent costs.
Barranquilla Free Trade Zone
Currently the state of Atlantico and Barranquilla has 6 permanent and special free trade zones. Of these, three are permanent (Zona Franca de Barranquilla - Barranquilla Trade zone, ZOFIA, Trade zone La Cayena) and 3 are special (Sykes, Clinical Portoazul and Termoflores). The latter is a system that allows a company to enjoy tax benefits and recognition due to the development of a project of high economic and social impact for the country.

A pioneer of the Free Trade Regime in Colombia, the Barranquilla Free Trade Zone is oriented towards the future consolidation of a comprehensive trade platform that enables the implementation of large-scale industrial projects, international trade with the world's most important markets, the development of national and international logistics, the movement of goods by sea and river across the inner harbor and the provision of services in different economic sectors.

This structure can make available to entrepreneurs, national and international investors, a wide and comprehensive range of products and services designed to facilitate production and global trade from one of the most important strategic axes in the hemisphere.

Because of their profitability, the industrial and commercial projection, and for the economic and social development it implies, products and services offered by the Zona Franca de Barranquilla S.A. organization, are the best investment alternative available. We invite you to become part of Success.


- Free Trade Regime Management

- Sea and River Free Zone Port

- Interconnecting Gate with the Sociedad Portuaria Regional de Barranquilla

- Open 24 hours, 7 days a week.

- Availability of lots and warehouses for rent.

- Guaranteed Public Utilities

- Free Trade Software Specialized in handling foreign trade operations.

- Social Responsibility.
[1] Barranquilla Free Trade Zone. Administrative services.
In: http://www.zonafrancabarranquilla.com/qs_servicios.html
La Cayena Free Trade Zone
Located in Barranquilla, ZONA FRANCA LA CAYENA operated by Zona Franca del Caribe S.A. is a leading project in Colombia focused on Colombian and foreign companies, seeking to obtain the optimum conditions to conquer domestic and international markets. La Cayena offers these conditions thanks to a number of benefits as a consequence of its special regime, for its excellent and advanced urban design and its already developed infrastructure.

La Cayena Free Trade Zone is located 30 minutes from the Ernesto Cortissoz International Airport, 20 minutes from downtown Barranquilla, 30 minutes from the port, and on the road that connects the main city arteries. This zone, defined as the main center of industrial development of the city, offers important conditions for industrial and commercial growth.

Tax incentives, export infrastructure in the region, the quality of the local workforce, costs of services and the synergies generated by companies located in this park, make La Cayena a remarkable choice for companies to achieve economies which allow them to be more competitive in global markets.
[2] La Cayena free trade zone. Administrative services.
In: http://www.zofracar.com
Zona Franca Internacional del Atlántico (ZOFIA)
Permanent Free Trade Zone located in the Municipality of Galapa, 9.5 km from the port and airport areas of Barranquilla, with alternate ports in Santa Marta and Cartagena; it has an area suitable for the installation of companies that project a dynamic and successful image in their activities, meeting the rigorous globalization demands in neuralgic issues such as the environment, safety in handling the load, reliability, competitiveness in public utilities and the systematization of all the operations involved in foreign trade.
ZOFIA, with a modern design in its buildings, has a friendly and appropriate environment for foreign trade, in which, in addition to the Free Trade regime, companies can obtain tax benefits granted by the municipality of Galapa-Atlantico.
Because of their profitability, industrial and commercial projection and for the economic and social development it implies, products and services offered by the Zona Franca de Barranquilla S.A. organization, are the best investment alternative available. We invite you to become part of Success.


- Free Trade Regime Management

- High Technology Platform

- Open 24 hours, 7 days a week

- Urban lots available in the form of rent and / or sale

- 406 Lots for industrial, services and commercial units

- Guaranteed Public Utilities

- Free Trade Software Specialized in handling foreign trade operations

- Social Responsibility

- Fast Investment Recovery

- 100% Private
[2] ZOFIA. Administrative services.
In: http://www.zonafrancabarranquilla.com
Within the construction industry, approximately 97.1% of the supply offer corresponds to that conducted within industrial parks with an annual growth of more than 50% in these types of warehouses, which demonstrates that it is attractive for investors to settle in these types of territories, and also demonstrates a peak in the sector, where storage activities play an important role.
The Atlántico offers investors all the necessary services and utilities for the industry, such as electricity, gas, telephone networks and fiber optic communications, banking services, port services, private security and transport services, among others.
Parque Industrial Malambo S.A. (PIMSA)
Parque Industrial Malambo S.A. -PIMSA- is a private industrial condominium with a complete services infrastructure that looks for guaranteeing costs reduction for the companies that decide to be located in its facilities. PIMSA is placed strategically to develop industrial production and exports as well as warehousing and distribution in the national market. This Industrial Park has the capacity to build and lease industrial and logistic infrastructure in order to offer customized solutions to the companies.
The privileged location of PIMSA offers important benefits to its customers such as the following:

  • Direct access to Magdalena River through PIMSA's port

  • Direct access to national axis roads (Ruta Caribe, Vía Oriental y Autopista de la Prosperidad)

  • Proximity to the airport (5Km or 5 minutes)

  • Exemptions in Industry and Commerce Tax up to 10 years

  • Highly qualified technical and professional workforce

Additionally, PIMSA has an infrastructure network and a complete services offer. The offer includes:

  • Design and building equipment for projects adapted to customers necessities

  • Possibility of booking adjacent lots for future expansion

  • Private aqueduct with potable water

  • Domestic waste water treatment

  • Electric substation inside the park

  • Direct access to natural gas lines

  • 24 hours surveillance with access control in the lobby

  • Phone and fiber optic networks

  • Restaurant, bank and scales inside the park
The industrial parks located in the State of Atlántico are:
Name of the Park
Lot Area (Mts²)
Constructed Area (Mts²)
Warehouse Net Area (Mts²)
Number of Warehouses
Average Lease Price COP$/Mts²
Metroparque Industrial y Comercial del Caribe
Parque Industrial de Malambo (PIMSA)
Kilómetro 3
2011 Current Rates.
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