Chemical and plastic products
A glance at Barranquilla and the state of Atlantico
  • Main exporting sector of the state of Atlántico representing 35% of the industrial exports (more than US$582million FOB, 2013). The products with the highest participation in exports are pest-control substances, pharmaceuticals, basic chemicals, fertilizers, plastic products and basic plastic shapes.

  • In Barranquilla this sector have received US$63 million in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) what has generated 306 direct jobs during the last six years.

  • Recognized companies such as Dow Chemicals, UCPL, Bayer and Monómeros, operate in Barranquilla and its metropolitan area, what proves the opportunities in the agrochemicals sector to meet the national and international demand.

  • Support from the national government for promoting the growth of the agricultural activity in Colombia and opportunities in the international arena due to the higher demand of food, tied to the explosive growing of the world population according to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

  • It is a great opportunity for the plastics sector to deal with the growing construction market in the Caribbean Coast, which registered a growth of 38% in 2014. The sector of foods, beverages and pharmaceuticals also represent an opportunity given their growing demand of plastic containers, etiquettes and bags among other products.

  • Barranquilla is located only to one hour of Cartagena's Refinery, which is the main supplier of Colombia’s plastic industry.

  • A 61% of the industrial employment of the region is generated in Barranquilla which has lead to the development of specialized human resource regarding higher and professional technical education for the manufacturing sector.

  • Productive chain possibilities with experienced local suppliers what represents lower operational logistic costs.

  • Appropriate infrastructure for the growth of the industry thanks to the four Permanent Free Trade Zones located in the state of Atlántico, the industrial parks (more than 20), lots and warehouses for sale or leasing.

  • Barranquilla offers an unique and strategic connectivity in the Colombian Caribbean area that makes available to the companies not only public port terminals in the state of Atlántico, but also complements its offer with Cartagena's and Santa Marta’s Ports located at one hour of the city which leads to a better maritime connectivity in Colombia.

  • Opportunities of lowering logistic costs in almost a 40% thanks to the recovery of Magdalena's River navigability. The multimodal transportation gets also consolidated due to the air connectivity with the International Airport Ernesto Cortissoz, the inland ground connectivity and the maritime ports connected to the main world terminals. It allows to deal with national and international markets with preferential access to countries that keep commercial agreements with Colombia.

  • Tax Incentives for manufacturing companies and other benefits in towns located at the metropolitan area.

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