A glance at Barranquilla and the state of Atlantico
Barranquilla and the state of Atlántico have advantages for national and foreign companies that offer BPO&IT services. The following are some of the most outstanding advantages:
  • • Strategic location for offering nearshore services to the North American market. Elements such as its human resource, competitive operational costs, telecommunications infrastructure and connectivity make of Barranquilla a platform for offering outsourcing services

  • • A 51% of the graduate people (8.000) are professionals in administrative, accounting, financial areas and engineering which allow offering services such as: Data Analysis, Credit and Financial Risk Analysis, Purchasing processes, Human Resources and Network Technical Support

  • • A population of more than 110.000 students that guarantees operations scalability

  • • The fluvial and maritime connectivity, international markets access, development of port areas and other infrastructure and logistic projects have allowed the location of important manufacturing and transport companies, representing opportunities for the provision of services such as software development and technical support

  • • 32 Higher Education Institutions that offer more than 600 academic programs. The program Contact Barranquilla of Fundación Aliarse, Gente Estratégica, SENA, Universidad al Barrio and ITSA are some of the institutions that contribute to the education of the professionals the industry demands

  • • The quality of the programs addressed to the strengthening of bilingualism in the city has allowed the growth and sustainability of bilingual operations in customer service, back office, technical support and added value activities

  • • Competitive living costs represented in the salary levels for different positions. Regarding Human Resources remuneration, Barranquilla’s salary costs are 4% more competitive than the salary costs of major cities such as Medellín, Cali, Bucaramanga and Eje Cafetero, and a 9% compared to Bogotá, Colombia's capital

  • • Sutherland and Hinduja Global Solutions from India, Sykes from USA, Avanza and Indra from Spain, I2B Technologies and Sonda from Chile, are some of the foreign companies that have chosen Barranquilla as destination of its customer service bilingual operations, technical support and development of IT solutions

  • • The state of Atlántico has four from the six Colombia’s submarine wires. This assures more speed and reliability in the provision of services

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