A glance at Barranquilla and the state of Atlantico
  • Barranquilla has an offer of medical centers specialized in every complexity level. Some of the recent projects such as La Clínica Portoazul, Clínica Iberoamérica and Clínica de la Misericordia have reinforced the health infrastructure of the state

  • The health cluster leaded by Barranquilla's Chamber of Commerce jointly with other entities looks for the promotion and the competitive development of the sector. The initiative involves companies and entities that perform activities related to production and distribution of pharmaceutical products, medical equipment, provision of health services and health research activities. The institutions belonging to the cluster have a total turnover of approximately USD$2.000 million (CCB – 2014)

  • Inside Barranquilla's Health Cluster there are some companies such as Clínica Oftalmológica del Caribe, Procaps and Centro Oftalmológico Carriazo, whose activities related to scientific processes have leaded to the creation of patents

  • The companies with the biggest manpower belong to the pharmaceutical and health sectors. In 2013 the sector had approximately 10.000 employees in manufacturing activities, marketing and services
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