Deepwater Port
It will be located in 815 acres in the western breakwater, on the Caribbean Sea, and its construction would cost USD $ 220 million. This way Barranquilla would deliver coal throughout the world offering the globalized foreign trade a depth of 65 permanent feet, where giant 60.000 ton vessels enter, which have been seen so far only in Puerto Bolivar, in Media Luna Bay and La Guajira. We would cease to be Barranquilla's Golden Gate ("La puerta de oro de Colombia", common used name for Barranquilla), and would evolve to be the Golden Gate of Latin America. The work will begin in January 2014. The super port would have 1,250 hectares, a channel of 700 meters and a draft of 22 meters, in which 65-foot vessels and 14,000 containers could pass.
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