Within Latin America, Colombia has proved to have a stable and solid economy. In the last decade (2003- 2013), the Colombian economy register an average growth of 4.7%, surpassing Latin America and the Caribbean, which registered a growth of 3% in the same period. Even during the 2009 economic crisis, the country was among the Latin American economies that had a positive variation.

Colombias economy has shown a sustained growth in the last years, in spite of the effects generated by the 2008 international crisis. It registered a 4.7% growth in comparison from the previous year. It has remained one percentage point ahead of the average growth rate of the region for the last decade.

GDP growth in Colombia and Latin America and the Caribbean 2000-2013
Latin America and the Caribbean
Source: Banco Mundial. By Fundesarrollo.
GDP Composition
In 2013, economic activities of financial organizations, social services, manufacturing industry, commerce and mines and quarries, together constituted 66.6% of GDP, while the most dynamic economic activities were financial establishments, hotels and restaurants, construction and transportation. In the period through 2001- 2013, the economic activities that had the most increases were construction and transportation.
GDP composition by activity branches 2013
Source: DANE (National accounts). By Fundesarrollo.
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