In the last decade, the annual unemployment rate has had a decreasing tendency, 9.1% in the last year. This represents a decrease of 5.4 percentage points between 2002 and 2014.
Average annual unemployment rate in Colombia and 13 metropolitan areas 2001-2013
13 areas
Source: DANE. By Fundesarrollo
The number of persons employed in Colombia, between 2002 and 2013 had a 32% increase, with major levels of employment in the sectors of transport, storage, construction and real estate.

In 2013, distribution according to economic activities was led by the trade, hotel and restaurant sector, which represented 27.45% of those employed, with a 4.37% increase over the previous year.

After this activity, financial intermediation grew 11.46%, but kept participation levels below 2%. Community, social and personal services had a 19.53% participation level, this meant a 4.78% increase regarding employment for the sector. The manufacturing industry and agriculture, traditional sectors, kept their average participation level, but had setbacks of 4.65% and 2.02% regarding employment.
Percentual distribution of occupation in Colombia according to the economic activities branches 2013
Source: DANE. By Fundesarrollo
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