Port infrastructure
Terrestrial transportation
There is immediate connection by road to the major cities of the country and to the main cities of Venezuela.

The city is between two of the country´s main roads: Troncal del Magdalena, which starts in Bogota and ends in Barranquilla, and Troncal del Caribe, which starts in Paraguachón (border with Venezuela) and ends in Medellin. Both roads also lead to Cali and the western part of the country through Troncal del Occidente (also called Vía Panamericana), which ends in the border with Ecuador.

To enter the urban perimeter of the city there are 3 major access roads. The double lane in Calle 30, that connects with the municipalities of Soledad, Malambo, Sabanagrande and Santo Tomás, among others, and ends in Troncal del Caribe. Troncal del Caribe connects with other regions such as Bolivar, Sucre, Cordoba and Antioquia.

On the other hand, La Cordialidad route leads to Galapa, Baranoa, Sabanalarga, Luruaco and Cartagena, capital of Bolivar. This route has an alternate called Via al Mar, which leads to Puerto Colombia, Turipaná, Santa Verónica, until Cartagena. Via Santa Marta is connected with Troncal del Magdalena and Troncal del Caribe through a bridge over the Magdalena River. These routes go through the states of Magdalena (Santa Marta), Cesar (Valledupar) and La Guajura (Riohacha).

The operations of the port corridor will improve the road connectivity of the district and the metropolitan area reaching an optimization of the cargo vehicles operations, improving the travel times and guaranteeing better road security and mobility in winter time. The costs of vehicles maintenance will decrease thanks to the quality of the road infrastructure. In this construction were invested $150.000 COP, including a 5 milometers dual carriageway, and two tollbooths what will generate a better mobility of the cargo transportation coming from and going to the port area due to its connection with the Puente Pumarejo (Pumarejo's Bridge) and the Vía 40 (40th Avenue).

Barranquilla has a land transportation terminal, managed by the Transportation Terminal Society of Barranquilla S.A.

The transportation terminal seeks to centralize and organize the passenger transportation service by road. Some of the companies that provide passenger transportation services are: Berlinas del Fonce, Copetrán, Transportes Amerlujo, Contransbol.

For more information visit: www.ttbaq.com.co

Regarding freight by road, a freedom of rates policy is applied. Through SICE (Information System of Cost Efficiency) the costs, depending on the characteristics of every trip, can be calculated: vehicle type, load type, origin / destination, estimated hours of waiting, loading / unloading, etc.

Some of the companies that provide this service in the city are: Transportes Sánchez Polo, Metropolitana de Transportes del Caribe, Transporte y Logística Nacional, among others.

For more information visit: www.mintransporte.gov.co

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