Public utilities
Barranquilla and its metropolitan area have availability and reliability regarding utilities, with highly competitive costs, provided by private companies with international recognition, that guarantees the quality of services. Proof of this is the acknowledgment by the World Bank to Triple AAA the aqueduct, toilet and sewer company in Barranquilla, as a management model for Latin America. The Caribbean region is also the entry point of the 9 submarine cables reaching Colombia, 4 of which come directly through the state of Atlantico, which ensures the speed and reliability of the service.

Furthermore, the state of Atlantico has the largest installed thermal power generation in the country with a network of safe and reliable transmission and full power distribution voltage levels. This network is interconnected with the National Electric Network.

For companies located near the Magdalena River, it is possible to install their own water treatment plants, depending on their needs.

Regarding natural gas, the state of Atlantico offers a 98% coverage regarding the service.

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