Human resources
Barranquilla has a total population of 1,212 million inhabitants, 63.6% are of working age and from the latter 63.6% compose the economically active population.

During the years 2002 and 2012 more than 113,000 students have graduated, of which 68.2% of those who graduate from Higher Education are University graduates.
Graduate higher education institutions 2002-2012
Barranquilla is considered as the capital of human resources in the Caribbean Region. According to the National Education Ministry, SNIES (Ministerio de Educación Nacional), in 2013 were enrolled approximately 148.654 students in higher education institutions and currently a 79.4% of the population is working-age.

The state of Atlántico has competitive costs regarding human resources. According to the Labor Observatory for Education (Observatorio Laboral para la Educación), the average monthly salary of a graduate student is around $762 dollars in the state, while the national average is around $787 dollars.

Universidad del Norte, Universidad Simón Bolivar, Universidad del Atlántico, Universidad de la Costa, among others, offer more tan 600 higher education programs. Additionally, institutions such as SENA, ITSA and Gente Estratégica offer technical and technological programs in different fields. For these reasons, the state of Atlántico is getting established as the educational center in the Caribbean Region with a significant participation of students from cities such as Montería, Valledupar, Santa Marta, among others.

12 universities that offer around 377 graduate programs, 311 specialization programs, 51 master degrees and 8 doctorates.

11 technical institutions that offer a wide variety of programs ranging from arts to aeromechanics.

Barranquilla has a bilingual population of around 60.000 inhabitants because English is the main foreign language that the population of the region studies. Additionally, the city has different languages institutes for learning French, Mandarin, German, Arabic, Portuguese and Italian, among others.
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