Quality of life
The state of Atlantico offers the community a high quality educational service, both in the public and private sector. This allows access to the different formation levels: preschool, elementary, high school, college, technical, specialization and doctorate.

In 2012, the net enrollment rate in secondary education was 76.73%, one of the highest in the country, above the national average (71.48%). Net enrollment rate for secondary education was 45.86%, also higher than the national rate (40.98%) figure. It also was the fifth state to provide an increase regarding the total number of students enrolled in the country Institutes of Basic and Secondary Education.

Moreover, the number of enrolled students has had a positive growth trend. In the period 2002-2012 this indicator grew at an average annual rate of 1.0%, surpassing the national rate of 0.7%.
Elementary and Secondary Education
Two types of class schedules are offered in Colombia:

- Schedule A: It is active in the period from January to November, with a break between June and July.

- Schedule B: Its active in the period from August to May, with a pause between the months of December and January.

Schools in Barranquilla are recognized for their quality, measured by the state test ICFES. In 2013 30.35% of district schools were classified into categories Very Superior, Superior and High. 70.15% of private and bilingual schools were rated in the same categories.
Net coverage rate in primary and secondary education 2002-2012
Source: Registration 2002 certified by the Secretaries of Education; 2003 - 2011 MEN Integrated Registration System, SIMAT. By: Fundesarrollo.
Main bilingual schools in the city:
Phone number
Aspaen Gimnasio Alta Mar
Km 11 Autopista Puerto Colombia
+57 (5) 3579557
Colegio Alemán
Carrera 46 - Vía al Mar - Poste 89
+57 (5) 3598520
Colegio Británico Internacional
Km 6 Antigua carretera a Puerto Colombia
+57 (5) 3598699
Colegio Hebreo Unión
Cra.43 No. 85 - 95
+57 (5) 3595870
Colegio Italiano Galileo Galilei
Cra. 59 No. 72 – 96
+57 (5) 3535375
Colegio Karl C. Parrish
Km. 2 Antigua Via a Puerto
+57 (5) 3598929
Colegio Lyndon B Johnson
Cra. 53 No. 96 – 41
+57 (5) 3570296
Colegio Marymount
Cra. 59B No. 84 – 52
+57 (5) 3554300
Colegio Real (Royal School)
Autopista Vía al Mar Poste No.66
+57 (5) 3599494
Corp. Colegio Internacional Altamira
Cra 50 No.79 - 136
+57 (5) 3548470
Colegio Bilingüe American School
Vía Puerto Colombia Km 2 Cr51 B
+57 (5) 3599316
Higher Education
The higher education system in Colombia is divided into two academic levels: undergraduate and graduate. Technical professional and technologic are among the undergraduate academic levels. Specialization, masters and doctorate are among the postgraduate academic levels.
Population percentage of higher education, technical and technological training, specialization, masters and doctorate graduates 2002-2012
Higher education
Specializations, masters and doctorates
Technical and technological education
This confirms the availability of qualified human resources in the state of Atlantico. University education concentrates 53.9% of higher education graduates (7.366), the technical and technological training 25.2% (3,449 graduates) and specializations and masters 20.9% (2,854 graduates) for a total of 13,669 graduates in 2012.

College graduates are mainly in the areas of Engineering; Economics, Management, Accounting; and Health Sciences.
These are the main universities:
Corporación Universitaria de la Costa
Fundación Universitaria San Martín
Universidad Autónoma del Caribe
Universidad del Atlántico
Universidad del Norte
Universidad Libre
Universidad Metropolitana
Universidad Simón Bolívar
It's important to highlight that Barranquilla offers a bilingual population (in English) with a neutral accent. According to DANE (Statistics National Department) it's the second city after Bogota with the greatest bilingual population.
% of the population that speaks English
Below you will find the main language centers in the city:
Alianza Colombo Francesa
Centro Cultural Colombo Americano
Instituto de Idiomas Universidad del Norte
Instituto Meyer
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