Steel and Iron Industry
A glance at Barranquilla and the state of Atlantico
  • Second major exporter sector of the state behind the chemicals sector supported on Barranquilla's Port that is considered as the first port in steel handling and the biggest multi-purpose port in the Caribbean Colombian region. This port receives a 60% of the metal used in the city and a 40% of the steel of the country

  • Companies such as ThyssenKrupp, Ternium, CSP Steel, Norton and Triple S are some examples of foreign companies located in the state of Atlántico for developing its corporate activities. The data is backed up by the investment in the department since 2008 that rounded USD$283 million and the generation of 980 direct jobs

  • The metallurgical industry is one of the main sectors of Barranquilla and Atlántico, represented by more than 400 companies belonging to the industry (manufacturer and distributors)

  • Currently the department has a per capita steel consumption of 125 kg representing almost twice the national per capita consumption (68 kg). This is a high demand volume as it was predicted for 2020 where demand will be about 5 million tons assigned for the construction of 4G ways and real real-estate projects

  • At the regional level, the Colombian Caribbean presented a growth of 38% licensed M2. Regarding the main departments of the country, Atlántico is the one with the greatest growth in licensed square meters with an increase of 52,68%. The sectors that boost the most this growth are housing (NO VIS 69% y VIS 19%) followed by the hotel (3,8%) and commerce industries (3,4%)

  • The strengths of the department in mining come from the demand of equipment of Colombian North Cost. The participation of the Colombian Caribbean is about 92% over the whole national coal strip mining, specifically in Guajira and Cesar departments. The department of Atlántico offers the appropriated conditions for companies dedicated to the maintenance and repair of the equipment for these activities

  • The demand of equipment will increase due to the national investment in roads (9,6 billion COP in licenses for 2656 km and an a 3,7 billion COP estimated investment for 1191 km in the Caribbean Region)

  • This is one of the sectors that generate most of the employment due to its great amount of trained human resource thanks to higher and technical education entities such as Universidad del Norte and SENA. Universidad del Norte offers professional academic programs related to the sector such as engineering (mechanical, industrial, electrical and civil). On the other hand, SENA Atlántico offers two specialties, metallurgy and automation, and also was chosen as the main center for the metallurgical industry

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