Colombia- GTM-5 –

5 reasons to invest in Barranquilla and the Atlantico

ubicación estratégica
Strategic location and connectivity

Qualified and available human resource

robusta infraestructura para los negocios
Robust infrastructure for business

alta calidad de vida
High quality of life

Favorable investment climate

Services by investment stage

1. Destination exploration

- Introduction presentation to BAQ/ATL
- Sectoral information.
- Socialization of tax incentives and free zone regime in the ATL.
- Understanding the territory’s port corridors and their vocations.
- Identification of needs for project development.
- Organization of a first meeting agenda in BAQ/ATL.

3. Installation

- Search for local suppliers.
- Relationship with law firm for legal advice for the incorporation of companies.
- Facilitation of procedures for certificates and permits.
- Validation of operational costs.
- Support in recruiting resumes for vacancies.

2. Decision-Making

- Schedule of visits and logistical support made to measure.
- Lot/winery search for the project.
- Validation of connection of utilities.
- Comparative with other cities.
- Relationship with the public and private sectors.
– Validación del recurso humano disponible y rangos salariales.

4. Post-investment / Aftercare

- Monitoring the business climate.
- Relationship with other investment projects.
- Search for opportunities for alliances or new businesses.
- Support for operations expansion projects.


Key information to facilitate your investment and expand your look.